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"If You've Ever Wanted to Be a
Fly on the Wall and
Spy on Private Conversations Between
Two Million-Dollar Online Marketers
& Discover What Gets Results Today..."

Then NOW Is The Time To Pay Very Close Attention!

FINALLY! You too can leverage our time, energy and experience to copy and paste your way to that automated money machine that exists on the internet and we will meet with you personally every single month.

Next Meeting Time:
Thursday, February 10, 2022
4:00PM Eastern

Bring your marketing, webinar, or website questions to the next meeting. You can submit your questions early or ask them live on the call.

We'll show our screens and explain everything to you, and record the entire session just in case you can't make it, or you want to review it later.

If you are an online internet business owner or someone who wants an internet business or even if you have a website, if you have a basic fan page, if you have some kind of web presence, where is your new traffic coming from?

  • Where are your new subscribing prospects and paid buyers finding you?
  • How do they find you?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How many people are paying you one time or many times inside of your membership site?
  • How much money total is that site making you?

If you have multiple products or services that people can buy from you...

  • What's your number one best selling product?
  • What's your number two?
  • What's your number three?
  • Do you even know?

If not, you need to figure these things out and then your internet business can move forward.

There are so many places where you can go wrong. Everyone thinks they can get online, make a million dollars and cash out but it's simply not the way it works.

There Are So Many Possible Dangers!

For example, you put something out there, made a website and made some money and you regress back to your previous self. You unlearn the things that you learned in the first place that got you where you wanted to be.

Or things aren't going that great but you feel good and your head is in the clouds but you're simply not making progress.

How about this? Doing the same thing and expecting different results. This website didn't make money, this AdSense site didn't make money and yet you're putting the same amount of time and effort every single day and still not making money and expecting some day for it to turn around.

If You Want Big Results For Yourself,
Find Someone Who Has Already
Achieved What You Want And
Duplicate Their Actions To
Achieve Those Same Big Results!

Attempt #1: Public Forum Community

You might have already looked for a mentor. You might have found a forum (message baord). You found this site that's a community and people are talking all over it. You can ask any question to this community... BUT... what happens is one of two things...

You post a message and no-one replies and the last reply was three years ago or if you go to that site and you have all kinds of crazy responses, crazy opinions and you're not sure who to believe.

Attempt #2: Guaranteed Income?

There are programs out there that allegedly guarantee you a certain amount of income. They say... join this site for $100 a month and you'll end up making $100,000 a month after your first month. It turns out to be a pyramid scheme!

NOTHING is guaranteed and what happens if somebody told you exactly what to do and you don't take any action yourself? Can they still guarantee that income? I'm not so sure.

Attempt #3: Coaching Program

You might have looked into a coaching program. A coaching program usually means that someone will get on the telephone with you. You'll explain your problem and they'll give you a few ideas or a few guesses about what you need to do next and many times this person giving you the guesses hasn't actually done the things that they are suggesting.

They might tell you to run a local Google AdWords campaign or submit a press release. They could have easily read an article somewhere but you don't know because they're throwing out ideas and scattering you in all these different directions.

What about this thing called a mentorship program? Someone who does actually make a lot of income online might say join my mentorship program, we'll get you to this level of income using this coaching system. What ends up happening here with many mentorship programs is you never actually get to talk to the person you thought you were going to talk to. You find a guru who makes $10 million online and you end up talking to one of their $5 per hour call center employees from overseas.

Attempt #4: Offline Networking

What about offline networking? What about where you have a group of people who get together and solve each other's problems? This could be good but the danger with this is if you connect with people who are making less money than you then your income will actually suffer as a result. If you network with people who have not done the things that you want to do, then you run the risk of getting bad advice and going down the wrong path.

Introducing the...

"Double Agent Marketing" Monthly Mastermind

Can we meet every month? If your problem is you need help planning and watching a four week class, getting a video online, writing and scheduling emails, getting a PowerPoint for a webinar or a tutorial video, fix your sales letter, getting traffic or just get one little thing done...

Then I want to free you starting today because you should be able to take the rest of the day or the rest of the week off if you want.

You should have a leveraged autopilot business so that you can actually be free. You should be able to go on a vacation whenever you feel like it even if it's at the last minute and you should be on track to leave your hourly job or even retire from it completely. You should be moving in that direction and if you're not, you're simply maintaining.

I know you can do it because I believe in you, because you've ended up on this webpage and you're reading this right now.

Who Else Wants Me To Personally Train You
Every Single Month?

Where will you be in a few weeks or months from now? Will you still be where you're at or do you want to be in a better place? Do you want to put a simple product out there or do you still want to be trying goofy things here and there and dabbling at being a hobbyist on things that don't work?

What works are the fundamentals, list building, product creation and inside of our Double Agent Marketing program I want to introduce you to 12 audio hot seat sessions every single month including everything you need to know about internet marketing, node selection, list building and product creation all in one place. You don't have to buy the latest product of the day. Instead get your list building figured out and get your product creation figured out and you will know everything that you need to know.

Component #1:
144 Marketing Interviews

List Building, Copywriting, Productivity, and More!

I have a question for you. What makes you happy? Is it waking up when you want, not having to rush into a job, being free, being able to retire from your job five or ten years earlier, being able to travel five, ten years longer, having a bigger house, paying off your house, having less debt, living longer because you're not under stress, more time with your family?

Whatever it is, we haven't even scratched the surface yet because there are 12 easy monthly lessons that I want you to start taking so that you can get a bigger and better profit producing internet business.

  • Module 1: Double Your Subscribers (12 sessions)
  • Module 2: Double Your Products (12 sessions)
  • Module 3: Double Your Members (12 sessions)
  • Module 4: Double Your Action (12 sessions)
  • Module 5: Double Your Buyers (12 sessions)
  • Module 6: Double Your Webinars (12 sessions)
  • Module 7: Double Your Affiliates (12 sessions)
  • Module 8: Double Your Hits (12 sessions)
  • Module 9: Double Your Blogging (12 sessions)
  • Module 10: Double Your Articles (12 sessions)
  • Module 11: Double Your Launches (12 sessions)
  • Module 12: Double Your Video (12 sessions)

If you need an instant fix for your focus issues, we have that inside the members' area. You hit Play and your focus problem has been solved in 20 minutes. If you need advice for how to create content, it's solved in 20 minutes. Niche selection and price targeting productivity are all solved but you need to place your order now at the bottom of this page.

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Component #2:
12 Marketing Tutorials
Kindle, Kunaki, WordPress & More

What if, everytime you were stuck with a particular marketing strategy or piece of software, instead of going out and researching the various training courses, you could just login and pull from our massive library of marketing tutorials to solve your problem in one hour? (They're all compressed down to 1 hour of action-packed training!)

I'm talking about subjects like...

  • Kunaki Crash Course: sell physical DVDs and CD packs with no setup costs
  • WordPress Crash Course: get your website online today
  • Wishlist Member Crash Course: start a membership site within the next few minutes
  • Gmail Crash Course: manage your time and email easily
  • uDemy Crash Course: sell your course in an untapped marketplace
  • Pixlr Crash Course: edit and create images without Photoshop
  • PowerPoint Crash Course: create sale-producing presentations in an hour
  • Camtasia Crash Course: record your very own videos and information products
  • Webinar Crash Course: start presenting live training in a few clicks
  • Audiobook Crash Course: record and sell audiobooks online
  • Facebook Crash Course: tap into social media traffic and Facebook ads
  • Membership Site Makeover: make that member's area stand out

Component #3:
12 Expert Interviews
Guest training from Stu McLaren, Armand Morin,
Willie Crawford and More

What do the best internet marketers in the world have in common? I'm talking about people like Armand Morin, David Cavanagh, David Risley, Stu McLaren, Willie Crawford, Ryan Healy, Ray Edwards and more.

What they have in common: I have personally spoken to these people and recorded the conversation, with their permission, and share that with you to solve your problems. We have expert interviews inside the site with Armand Morin, Willie Crawford, Jason Parker, Stu McLaren, David Cavanagh, Ray Edwards with others added every single month.

They reveal things that they even left out of their own courses such as how to run high ticket events, how to build a list of one million subscribers, how to get paid $50,000 for setting up one single webpage, how to create software without actually being a programmer and much, much more.

There are 14 experts and seven hours of access to these interviews. Each of these interviews is easily worth $97 and because there are 12 and 14 and even more interviews in there, let's price the value of this at $1,164 value.

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Component #4:
12 Mindset Calls
Get Motivated And Back On Track

Isn't it true that, during your internet marketing journey, you might have one or two internal issues that you can't easily solve on your own?

It's an ongoing process... what good is all the advice and the marketing training in the world if you can't even get over your basic issues?

That's where these things called the mindset calls come in to help you get out of survival mode. If you listen to this you will have a better mindset. If you want to feel better, instantly listen to these mindset calls, become productive or stay focused or compress the next 300 days into 30 days, make consistent progress, manage your state, automate yourself, listen to that one hour audio and now you're good to go!

  • Mindset Call #1: Get Your Act Together
  • Mindset Call #2: How to Feel Better Instantly
  • Mindset Call #3: Automate Yourself and Systematize Your Entire Life
  • Mindset Call #4: Get Out of Survival Mode
  • Mindset Call #5: Problem Solver Lightning Round
  • Mindset Call #6: Exceed All Your Goals, Make Consistent Progress, and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams Using the Power of Systems
  • Mindset Call #7: How to Stay Focused, Overcome Failure, and Finish Everything You Start
  • Mindset Call #8: Become Productive, Excited, Energized, and Fulfilled Every Day From This Day Forward... Easily!
  • Mindset Call #9: Manage Your State, Create Your Future, and Rewire Your Brain for Ultimate Success... No Matter What!
  • Mindset Call #10: How to Compress Your Next 300 Days of Productivity, Action, Results, and Follow-Through into the Next 30 Days or Less
  • Mindset Call #11: How to Achieve More, Multiply Yourself, and Double Your Productivity This Week
  • Mindset Call #12: Become a Better Person in Just 7 Steps

Component #5:
12 Group Q&A Calls
Live Every Single Month

Lance and I are going to meet with you every month to make sure you're making money -- because information and training will only get you so far. You need a real person to solve your problems and get you past your current issues!

That's why we're going to meet live every single month. You can ask any question, and we'll stay until all your questions are answered.

Are you concerned about the latest Facebook changes, Gmail changes, FTC, Visa/MasterCard, or Google rules? No problem, we'll fix those for you.

If you have a specific problem to solve such as your list size, webinar pitch, sales letter, specific offer, affiliate issue, technical issues... ANYTHING related to your online business... we'll meet in this group call for about 1 to 2 hours. Robert and Lance will talk about what's worked well this month, then get to YOUR questions and show OUR screen until you get it.

Once again, any kind of website critique, product critique, software training, marketing training... ANYTHING YOU WANT! This is live access to us, so just ask.

These meetings are recorded, so you can catch the training even if you miss it live... AND... you can either ask questions live or submit them before the call in case you can't make it.

We've been running these monthly calls for nearly two years, and we'd love to get you "over the hump" starting today.

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Component #6:
Four Daily Tasks
Private Facebook Accountability Group

I don't know about you, but when I began to make it big online, I always wished I had a private support group of internet marketers just like me who could encourage me to keep at it and do the things I knew I needed to do to make money.

I was also overwhelmed with all the possible choices I could make and I was overloaded with a massive to-do list I never finished... sounds familiar?

If this sounds at all like you (even only occassionally) then you're in luck because you'll get access to a private productivity Facebook group (the first and only of its kind) called the "Four Daily Tasks" group.

Every day, several of us (including Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro) post the four items we're going to complete that day... and everyone supports each other.

Simply put, this time management and productivity system WORKS better than any other motivational tool or technique I've experimented with in my 13 years of marketing online -- and I've tried them all!

That means if you've ever been frustrated at getting things done online then look no further and join this group... but we'll only approve you if you're a member of Income Machine... and you can join within SECONDS of logging into the member's area.

Component #7:
Lifetime Access
Recordings, Transcripts, 24 Hours A Day
As Long As You Are a Member in Good Standing

I shouldn't need to say this, but I want to reassure you: feel free to return to the Income Machine training again and again if you ever need to repeat part of the process or give your virtual assistant access to build sites for you.

That's right, you can come back to the member's area to watch any video, ask any question, participate in any assignment, read or download any transcript of any session, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even if it's 2AM in the morning. So join now while it's still fresh on your mind.

What Exactly Do I Get Inside the
"Double Agent Marketing"
Online Mastermind?

Component #1: 144 Interviews
(list building, copywriting, etc.)
Component #2: 12 Marketing Tutorials
(Kindle, Kunaki, WordPress)
Component #3: 12 Expert Interviews:
(Guest training from Stu McLaren, Armand Morin, Willie Crawford, and more)
Component #4: 12 Mindset Calls:
(Get motivated and back on track)
Component #5: 12 Group Q&A Calls:
(Live and recorded every single month)
Component #6: Four Daily Tasks:
(Private Facebook accountability group)
Component #7: Lifetime Access:
(As long as you are a paying member in good standing)
Total Real World Value Today:$27,187.00

Your Price Today:
Just $7 Every Month

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