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Courses Offered by Lance Tamashiro & Robert Plank from Double Agent Marketing

Double Agent Marketing Monthly Mastermind: Get Monthly Advice, Ideas & Feedback About Your Business

Wouldn't you agree that trying to do this "online business" thing on your own really sucks? Could you use some "situational advice" in your business? A push in the right direction? Our online mastermind has been meeting for over 9 years for exactly this purpose.

Every month, Lance & Robert share "what's working now" in the past 30 days with our books, podcasts, email marketing, Facebook & YouTube ads, local marketing, time management, delegating, and more. We also answer all or any of YOUR questions, give you feedback about your campaigns, websites, and marketing efforts. We'll critique your website, review your webinar PowerPoint slide deck, anything you need! Plus, you get a full library of bonus courses and archives of our monthly meetings going back 9 years.

Income Machine: Create Your Online Sales Funnels in 3 Days

Includes plugins: Backup Creator, Paper Template & Member Genius

Quick question: do you feel stuck in "chicken & the egg" mode in your business? I need traffic, but I don't know what website to send people to? I know I should send emails to my list, but I don't have enough subscribers to make it worthwhile? I also don't see the value of getting subscribers on my list if I'm not sending emails to them?

The answer is to simply get your website funnel SETUP. And it doesn't have to be confusing or complicated! Income Machine shows you, in just 3 easy days, how to build your funnel: niche, website, opt-in page, email autoresponder sequence, sales letter, membership site, blog, and TRAFFIC!

Once your website FOUNDATION is in place, all those traffic "distractions" (including social media) suddenly make sense, because now you have web pages to catch those visitors and nurture your relationships into sales.

Make a Product: Plan, Write, Publish & Market Your Book in Just 56 Minutes

In today's day-and-age of self-publishing and short attention spans, it simply doesn't make sense to spend more than a few weeks even thinking about your book. Just do it! Amazon will publish your book for free (in both digital and paperback formats).

However, it's easy to get overwhelmed! How will you write an entire book, fast enough that you'll actually finish? What about navigating Amazon's backend system? Page formatting, book covers, product descriptions, ISBN numbers?

Our "Make a Product" system makes self-publishing FAST and easy. In fact, you could create your book in one 56 minute sitting, or seven 8-minute sessions. My best success story: I once had an idea for a paperback book (64 pages), at 6AM one morning, and it was LIVE and selling on Amazon by 6PM that same day! Follow the proven system to publish your book.

Podcast Crusher: Setup Your (Apple Podcasts & Google Play) Online Radio Show for Traffic, Content & Networking

Podcasting is the new blogging: your way to reach an entirely new crowd of people tuning into your audio show in their car, while on their commute or at the gym. There are 700,000 podcast shows and 29 million podcast episodes. This is your way to build your following, keep your subscribers listening to your latest updates, and your tool to network with other influencers by having guests on your show.

Membership Cube: Setup Your Membership Site

Includes Plugins: WP Drip (drip content), WP Import (import articles into posts), WP Notepad (turn your membership into a Learning Management System), WP Kunaki (collect physical addresses)

Take online payments from your single-payment, payment-plan, or monthly recurring online membership site to generate passive income.

Profit Dashboard: Generate an Instant Freelancer "Side Hustle" Income

Provide an easy repeatable service such as blogging, WordPress setup, proofreading, video creation, and more, to generate "starter money" for your other business ventures.

Dropship CEO: Build Your Amazon E-Commerce Store Through Retail Arbitrage, Private Label Product Creation & Dropshipping

Sell physical products on Amazon, the world's largest store.

WP Crusher: Build a Point & Click Website

Master your website: find out the must-have themes and plugins you need to create a beautiful website.

Graphic Dashboard: Create Your Own Graphics Without Photoshop

Want to create graphics including logos, banners, book covers, and DVD covers, without the hassle (or expense) of Photoshop? Look no further!

VO Success Formula: Make Money Providing Voiceovers on Fiverr

The best way for an English-speaking person in the Western world to earn an easy "starter" freelance income is through freelance voiceover narration, and Fiverr is the best marketplace to make sales quickly.

Video Sales Tactics: Live Stream on Facebook

Discover for yourself how to live steam on Facebook from your computer, screen share, record live streams for later use AND playback any video in "live" mode on your Facebook timeline, page, or group.

Webinar Crusher: Create Your Live Online Class & Make Sales Using Pitch Webinars

Make money selling a course or product before you create it by doing it LIVE via GoToWebinar.

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